We work with Agencies and Freelancers
who want their WordPress Hosting World Class

Why us?

Multiple Backups

We backup our sites in multiple locations in multiple ways. We guarantee we will never lose your website.

Cloud Hosted

Our servers are hosted in Amazon’s cloud, the biggest in the world. This makes us fast, secure and scaleable.

Super Security

We use multiple layers of security including Firewalls, DNS Security and WordPress Plugins.

WordPress Hosting

We only host WordPress sites, and we host all of our sites out of data centres in Sydney.

Set your own Margins

We will provide you ready-to-go hosting and WordPress Care packages you can mark up and provide to your customers.


We work exclusively through agencies and freelancers. If a customer approaches us, we will send them back to you.

Did we mention it was fast?

Don’t take our word for it, test it yourself!

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